5 Unique Things to Do During Summer in South Lake Tahoe

Planning a trip to South Lake Tahoe? Hoping to experience something a little out of the ordinary? We’ve got you covered! While the kids are off doing their thing, here are five unique and unusual things for the grownups to enjoy!

1. Take a ride and enjoy the party on the 15-passenger pedal bus!

Off the Chain offers 2-hour tours on their 15-passenger pedal bus! The bus has room for up to 15 passengers with 10 pedaling seats and 5 non-pedaling seats. You’ll have a tour captain, onboard music, a non-pedaling option and a built-in ice chest. The seats are adjustable and have seat belts which are required to be worn. There is LED lighting, so the bus is safely visible during evening hours.

With both public and private tours, you have the option of pedaling with people from around the world or booking your own private tour with your friends and family.

The tours take you to local hotspots where you can enjoy food from the bar and drink specials specifically for the tour passengers. The minimum age is 21 and there must be at least 8 passengers.

2. Or how about taking Rum RunnerDay & Sunset Cruise to Emerald Bay?

Camp Richardson Marina offers boat cruises every day at 1 pm, 3:30 pm and 6 pm. The cruise lasts 30 minutes and takes you from Camp Rich to Emerald Bay and back. The boat ride gives you a chance to relax and get a unique view of gorgeous Emerald Bay. Pines trees, granite boulders, and luminous blue-green waters are just some of the highlights.

On this cruise you’ll also be able to see three unique features of Lake Tahoe: A Castle, the only island in Lake Tahoe and the only waterfall that flows into the lake. Vikingsholm Castlewas built in 1929 and is famous for its intricate craftsmanship and its Scandinavian architecture. Fannette Island is in the middle of Emerald Bay and was originally the home of Captain Dick Barter. Later, the owners of Vikingsholm, who also owned Emerald Bay, built a teahouse on Fannette island. The remains of the teahouse still stand today, and the bay is now part of Emerald Bay State Park.

The cruise gets its name from the Beacon Bar and Grill’sRum Runners drink. Made with select rums and a secret blend of passion fruit, pineapple, and orange juice the Rum Runner is topped with a Myers Dark Rum float. Rum Runners, beer, wine, non-alcoholic drinks and snacks are available for purchase during the cruise. Kids are welcome, but why not just kick back and enjoy the view?

3. While you’re in the area, check out California’s first Maritime Heritage underwater trailat Emerald Bay!

Experienced scuba and snorkeling divers can enjoy viewing the largest, most diverse collection of sunken, small watercraft in the Unites States. Many of the boats were purposely sunk in the early 20thcentury when Emerald Bay Resort was a thriving hot spot. Now, the sunken ships provide a unique view of the history of Lake Tahoe. The oldest ship in the collection is a 27’ Launch built in 1915. There are also wooden barges, a wooden fishing boat and a hard chine skiff, as well as other vessels.

There are four dive sites located within Emerald Bay that range in depth from 10’ to 60’. The sites are accessible by boat and marked by buoys. They each have underwater panels explaining the history of the sunken crafts.

Since Lake Tahoe is an Alpine lake with an altitude of over 6000’ feet, the water is extremely cold year-round, and divers should go with a buddy and be prepared for emergencies.

4. Or you could Kayak to Fannette Island!

If you want to do some kayaking, climbing and exploring, kayaking to Fannette Island might be right up your alley! You can rent your kayak, or even a paddleboard, and head out into the bay.

If you don’t mind a nice hike, you can park at the Emerald Bay State Park, Vikingsholmparking lot. Then you’ll have a steep one-mile descent to Vikingsholm. The kayak rentals are located just north of the pier. They have sit-on-top kayaks and SUP paddleboards and riders must be 15 or over.

If you’d rather spend less time parking and hiking and more time kayaking, you can head to the Baldwin Beachrental location. Take Baldwin Beach Road from Highway 89. You’ll paddle 2 miles along the rugged shoreline to get to Emerald Bay.

After you reach Fannette island, you’ll have a rough and slippery 10-minute climb up to the teahouse. Once there, you can explore the ruins and enjoy the breathtaking views!

You’ll want to be sure to arrive early and bring cash. Wear clothes and shoes that are suitable for the weather and terrain. It’s best to go with a buddy and remember that the water will be very cold.

5. If you want a bit more of a thrill, you might like parasailing!

If you like the idea of flying up into the air while being pulled by a motorboat, parasailing may be just what you’re looking for! You have several options for parasailing in South Lake Tahoe Action Water Sportsis one. You can take off from Timber Cove Marina, Lakeside Marina or even Round Hill Pines Marina. Timber Cove and Lakeside have departures every hour on the hour from 9 am to 5 pm. Round Hill Pines departs at 1 pm. You can be towed to either a 500 foot or a 1000 ft height. You’ll start out on the deck of a specially built boat and have a dry take off and landing, so you don’t have to worry about getting soaked!

South Lake Tahoe has a lot to offer, including unique and exciting experiences you can’t find anywhere else. While spending time with the family is your first priority, there’s no harm in carving out a little time for the adults to enjoy a separate adventure. These are just five of the amazing opportunities that await you in South Lake Tahoe.